Bank Shot Calculator

Bank with confidence and play offensive billiards

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Two Rails

This page provides a variety of two rail kick shots for practice purposes.  These shots were selected for the different effects you will notice due to the angle of approach to the first rail and proximity of the impact point on the second rail, as well as the distances the cue ball must travel which will effect the shot speed.  Refer back to the diagram on the FAQ page as necessary.  


Hit this shot with Pocket speed and the cue will rebound off rail #3 with very little spin.  By the time the cue hits rail #5 the spin is gone and the rebound angle off rail #5 is equal to the approach angle to rail #5.  This type shot requires no running English.  Play this one with center ball and pocket speed.



On this shot notice the wide angle of approach to rail #1.  This angle will cause the cue ball to pick up right hand spin off rail #1, and although the rebound angle off rail #1 will be equal to the approach angle, that will not hold true at rail #3.  The cue ball will hit rail #3 with right spin and the rebound angle will be wide causing the cue ball to impact rail #4 before it reaches the object ball.  This is corrected by hitting the shot with @ one cue tip straight top English.  This will cause two things to happen. 

1.      The rebound angle off rail #1 will be wider than the angle of approach.

2.      Due to the top spin imparted by the stroke the amount of right hand spin imparted by rail #1 on the cue ball will be diminished.

Practice this shot with top English to find the correct speed.



 Things to note on this shot are:

  1. The distance of travel.
  2. Proximity of the cue ball to rail #3.
  3. The short distance between the two rails to be impacted by the cue ball.

The distance this shot must travel requires enough speed that if hit with center ball the first rail impact will have a short rebound angle causing the cue ball to hit rail #4 around the #6 diamond.  The close proximity of the two impact points on rails #3 & #4 will cause the cue to pick up right spin causing a wider rebound angle off of rail #4.  These effects when coupled together will cause the cue ball to hit rail #6 if played with center ball. 

To ensure the shot travels the distance and hits rail #4 high enough to avoid hitting rail #6, hit this shot with @ one cue tip top/right English.  If the shot still misses on the side of rail #6, adjust by adding right and subtracting the top English.  Keep hitting the same spot on rail #3 and maintain a stroke that is a little over pocket speed.



On this shot the angle of approach to rail #1 is wide enough and the distance is sufficient that when hit firm enough with center ball, rail #1 will impart left spin on the cue.  The close proximity of the two rail impact points will allow the cue ball to hit rail #6 while still influenced by the spin from rail #1.  If this shot is hit with center ball it will impact rail #5.  One cue tip straight top will widen the angle off rail #1 and lessen the left spin causing it to rebound off rail #6 to the side pocket.  



Practicing these shots should increase your understanding of when to use center ball, running English, or straight top English.  Once you have that understanding the BSC will give you the impact points and you will be kicking with confidence in no time.