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Getting Started

The Bank Shot Calculator (BSC) has been approved by the Billiard Congress of America as a training/teaching tool for pool players in the form of a smart phone application. It allows the user to replicate any situation they may be faced with in a real game. This is accomplished by plotting the object ball and cue ball at the location on the app table which represents the balls position on the pool table. Then by simply touching the number of the rail the user wishes to hit and the target pocket the app will calculate the angle to and from the rail and display the shot. A numerical solution is also provided at the top of the app screen.
This web sight is designed to answer most anticipated questions. If you have a question specific to a given shot you have trouble with, shoot me an email at

How to use the Bank Shot Calculator


  • This screen shows the face of the BSC.  Start by touching the “i” icon at the bottom right corner to view the options screen.


This Screen allows the user to select the appropriate table size matching the BSC with the actual table being played on.  This is very important to accurate calculations.

The resolution is relative to the distance between two diamonds.  This distance is divided into 1/16th or 1/8thof one diamond.  This switch will change the counter adjacent the cross hair and in the solution dialogue box at the top of the screen.

The grid-lines and rail tickswitches are simply on off switches that change the face of the app.  Use the grid-lines to aid in plotting accuracy and the ticks to aid in dividing the diamonds.

The FAQ switch links the user to this page.  Touch “Done” to return to the app.




Touching ”Done” returns you to the face of the BSC.  Starting at the top of the screen with the Instruction dialog box.  Reference this box for step by step instructions for each shot.

At the bottom left corner touch the starts the new shot key.  This opens a dialog screen providing options for the following:

  •  Basic Bank shot
  •  Advanced Bank Shot
  •  Kick shot
  •  Two rail kick shot

Touching the red ball when directed plots the object ball under the cross hair.
Touching the white ball when directed plots the cue ball under the cross hair.

How to use the Bank Shot Calculator:

1.     Touch start new shot

2.     Select “Bank Shot”

  • The counter will always reflect the X/Y coordinate of the cross hair.  Note, in this screen shot the cross hair is in the center of the table at X2, Y4.  This represents the #2 diamond on the end rail and the #4 diamond (side pocket) on the side rail.  The counter will count in 1/16th or 1/8th of one diamond depending on your selection in the option dialog screen.


3.     Touch and drag on the screen placing the cross hair at the same location as the ball on the pool table.  The cross hair remains in the center of the screen and the table moves underneath the cross hair.  Touch the “red Ball”.  This will plot the ball at the position of the cross hair.

4.   Touch the number adjacent the rail you wish to bank off of.  In this example I selected rail #4.  Note the number 4 changes color to blue when selected.

5.     Touch the target pocket.  In this example I have selected corner pocket C.  Note how the pocket changes color to blue when selected.  The shot is displayed and the “Solution” is displayed at the top of the screen.  “Hit rail 4 at 5 1/16 diamond.

6.     Double tab the screen where the ball strikes the rail to zoom in and see what 5 1/16thdiamond looks like.

These screen shots demonstrates a simple one rail bank shot.  There are only three steps to this equation.

  1. Possition the cross hair on the app at the same location as the ball on the pool table and touch the red button.
  2. Touch the number of the rail you wish to hit.
  3. Touch the target pocket.

Advanced Bank Shot

1. Touch start new shot and select “Advanced Bank Shot”

2. Locate the position of the object ball with the cross hair and touch the red ball.

3. Locate the position of the cue ball with the cross hair and touch the white ball.

4. Touch the number of the rail you wish to bank off of.

5. Touch the target pocket

6. Specify shot speed

7. Specify english applied to the cue ball

One Rail Kick Shot

  1. Plot the object ball.
  2. Plot the cue ball.
  3. Touch the rail you wish to hit.
  4. Touch the target pocket.

Two Rail Kick Shot

  1. Plot the object ball.
  2. Plot the cue ball.
  3. Touch the first rail you want to hit.
  4. Touch the second rail you want to hit.
  5. Touch the target pocket.


Reference Two Rail Kick Shots in the FAQ section for more detailed information and practice shots.

There are an enormous number of two rail kick shot possibilities in pool.  Due to the physics that come into play when the cue ball strikes multiple rails each of these shots are unique.  Consequently, the BSC defaults to “Add running English as needed” on all two rail kicks shots.  While some shots requires running English many shots will not.  The BSC will calculate the two impact points given a no English situation.  Due to the English acquired off the first rail, the proximity to the second rail, and speed of the stroke the cue ball may not always follow the natural angle off the second rail without English and stroke adjustments.   Refer to the FAQ page for further instructions on these types of shots.  With the information provided and a little practice you can master the stroke and English required to pocket these shots.

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Disclaimer: The physics of pool and billiards dictate that every player, table, room, felt, cue stick and numerous other factors cause different reactions when striking balls and rails on a pool or billiard table. The Bank Shot Calculator simply calculates the point on the rail, taken from where the balls are plotted on the screen, which creates equal approach and rebound angles at the rail. The end user must determine the correct speed on a given table using desired amounts of spin on single and multi-rail shots. I will attempt to give some guidance on these shots on this web sight.